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3 Tips for Increasing Air Conditioning Efficiency This Summer

With the summer heat coming full force, your air conditioner will start working overtime to keep the house comfortable. This increased usage can easily make your electric bills skyrocket. Today, we’re giving you some great money-saving advice for increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency all summer long.

Keep it Cool

To make any air conditioner perform its best, give it a helping hand. The ways to do this are nearly endless. We suggest keeping your windows shaded whenever possible to reduce heat from the sun. The use of heat-generating appliances like dryers and ovens should be limited as much as possible, so the AC doesn’t have to counteract them. 

Think Thermostat

If you either don’t have one, or your current one is out of date, investing in a thermostat will help keep your air conditioning efficient. Thanks to our thermostat installation service in Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding areas, we can get your home set up with the latest and greatest technology. A new thermostat will help regulate temperature and give you the wondrous flexibility of modes and intensities to make your home as cold or warm as you like. Continue reading “3 Tips for Increasing Air Conditioning Efficiency This Summer”