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des moines child proof outlets

Keeping your child safe in your home is one of your biggest priorities, and your electrical outlets pose of one of the biggest threats for injuries. Our Des Moines Electrician provides parents, grandparents, and other friends or family members with many solutions for child-proofing electrical outlets in Des Moines, Ames, and the surrounding areas of Iowa. From outlet covers to tamper-proof outlets, our Des Moines Child Proof Outlets experts will help you find the solution that is right for your children and your home.

At Lazer Home Services, we care about the electrical safety of our clients and their children. Our electricians will go over options for child-proofing your electrical outlets with you, and we’ll provide many other electrical safety tips that can enhance the quality of your home and the safety of your children.

Why Child Proof Outlets?

As your child grown, it’s natural for them to begin to explore their environment. While this is a beautiful process to watch, it can also be dangerous, and if they decide to explore your electrical outlets, it could be a serious problem. For that reason, it’s very important that your Des Moines and its electrical system is as safe as possible for your child.

While we don’t want to disturb the learning process of a child, this is one area that requires childproofing as serious harm, which is potentially fatal, may occur if a child tampers with an electrical outlet.

Methods for Child Proofing Electrical Outlets

There are couple of ways you can make an electrical outlet safe and child-proof in Iowa:

  • Pluggable outlet covers – This is a cover that inserts into an outlet like an ordinary plug and sits there, preventing a child from accessing outlet holes and inserting different items into them. However, the child can still simply pull it out and potentially choke on it, so it is important to ensure that a pluggable cover is difficult enough for a child to remove, but not too hard for an adult. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure that is to test it with your own outlets.
  • Tamper Proof Outlets – Tamper Proof Outlets are standard wall outlets that feature a permanent shutter mechanism that protects children from sticking foreign objects into the receptacle (like hairpins, keys and paper clips). The spring-loaded shutter system in the outlet only allows electricity to flow when equal pressure is applied simultaneously to both shutters such as when an electrical plug is inserted. When they’re not being used, both shutters are closed, and openings are covered.

These outlets function just like a standard outlet and offer the best and most permanent solution to making the outlets in your Des Moines home safe for years to come.

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