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Certified to Perform Electrical Inspections in Iowa

The electricians at Lazer Home Services are certified electrical inspectors and we take great interest in providing the Des Moines homeowners we work with with professional advice and assistance with ensuring their electrical systems are up to codes and standards and do not pose any safety threats.

We all want to keep ourselves and our families safe from harm. But one of the most over-looked areas of harm in our lives is the electrical system in our home. At Lazer Home Services, our Des Moines Electrician can provide you with thorough electrical safety inspections, which can ensure that there are no looming dangers in your home. These Des Moines Electrical Safety inspections can also be great for any home that you are planning on buying or selling.

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Certified Electrical Safety Inspections

The electrical system is one of the main parts of a home that is of the most concern to home buyers and homeowners in Iowa, and with good reason. Very few home inspectors are qualified to make a complete detailed assessment of an electrical system. Our basic home inspection already includes an inspection of the electrical system that exceeds industry standards for home inspections.

Our Electrical Inspections Include:

  • The removal and inspection of a select number of wiring devices (outlets, switches, etc.) to:
  • Check the condition of the device and the wire feeding the device
  • Check for open grounds
  • Check for proper polarity
  • Check the integrity of the connections
  • Check to see whether it is properly wired (i.e. proper wiring methods and workmanship)

A representative number of devices will be checked. Typically, we check 10-15% of the devices but if we find problems in some of the devices, we increase the number of devices that we check so that we can better evaluate the probability that the problems exist in other areas.

  • Inspecting the main panel and sub panels for proper grounding, bonding, and integrity of connections.
  • Checking the integrity of the water meter bonding jumper if it is present.
  • Check for the presence of a driven ground rod and the integrity of the connection.
  • Check for proper grounding of supplemental systems such as telephone and cable television and the integrity of the connections.
  • Check critical areas for potential corrosion problems that may result from improper connections or the use of dissimilar metals.

Our Des Moines electrical safety experts are happy to answer any of your questions and address all your electrical service concerns.

Importance of Routine Electrical Safety Inspections

Having your electrical wiring and system regularly inspected is one of those important home maintenance procedures there is. Unfortunately, most homeowners in the Des Moines overlook the necessity of electrical safety inspections to the point that electrical hazards may arise.

Many homeowners feel electrical inspections are an unnecessary expense, but you’ll actually save money by preventing damage to your home’s electrical system though a safety inspection than you will by waiting until a problem arises to call a Des Moines electrician for electrical repairs.

Our Des Moines Electrical Safety Provides These Detailed Services

  • Residential Electrical Code
  • Wiring Inspections
  • House Wiring
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Whole House Wiring
  • House Electrical Wiring
  • Home Electrical Code
  • Home Wiring
  • Home Electrical Wiring
  • Electrical Wiring Inspection
  • Electric Wiring

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