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Des Moines Hot Water Heater Repairs & Installation - How Professionals Help You Save Energy

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You may not think that hot water heater installation or repairs could help you save on utility bills, but they will make a difference. The amount you save will be determined by the professional who is doing the installation and whether or not you have repairs taken care of when needed.

The professional Des Moines Plumbers at Lazer Home Services love to help customers learn about their plumbing systems. Here is some helpful advice you may find useful to help you get the most energy efficiency from your hot water heater.

What Happens When Hot Water Heater Repairs Aren't Done?

Your plumbing system is made of an extensive network of pipes, components, fixtures, connections, and joints. The hot water heater is a fixture that is tied into this plumbing network.

The hot water heater takes fresh water and heats it to serve your cleaning and bathing needs. When it breaks down completely, you don't have hot water.

However, there are times your hot water heater needs repair when you don't realize there's a problem. And some problems can cost you in energy loss.

For instance, as scale builds up within your water heater tank, it can coat the heating elements. Over time, the system continues to cycle as it tries to heat the water according to the temperature setting. If one of the elements quits working, the other will have to continually run.

A simple repair or possibly a water heater tank flush out could have solved the problem. Your plumber can also check the temperature setting on your hot water heater. If the setting is higher than you need, this is also wasted energy.

Water Heater Installations Can Cost More Energy Than They Should

With water heater installation, the right size tank needs to be installed. And, it needs to be installed in the right location. Otherwise, you could be wasting energy.

A water heater tank that is too large for your home means countless hours of running for no need. One that is too small will continually run to try to serve your hot water needs.

The plumber you choose should be installing the proper sized hot water heater for you and all other occupants. While a little excess is fine, you don't need a huge tank if you have a small family.

The location of the water heater installation is important as if placed in an area far away from your kitchen or main bathroom, you'll wait and wait endlessly for the hot water to come out of the faucet or shower.

There will be a long line of unheated water wasted while you wait for the hot section to finally come through.

Whether you have an electric or gas water heater, you ultimately have two utility bills that can be affected by insufficient systems - costing you more money. A simple tune-up can help you save hundreds per year in wasted resources.

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