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Easy Ways to Save Money on Des Moines Electricity

save money des moines electriciansThere are easy ways to save money on electricity in Des Moines, but you must learn how to do the little things and you will reap the rewards on your next utility bill. Saving money on electricity is not just doing one thing but doing several little items, this combination of all items will be how you save. Look at my tips to see what you can do right away to save cash.

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs- One of the easiest ways to save money is by replacing the power-hungry incandescent bulb. New technology has helped engineers develop new energy-efficient light bulbs starting with the CFL. CFL stands for compact florescent lamp. CFL lamps use 75% less energy while producing the same amount of light, and will last up to 10 times longer. Even newer are the LED lamps which compared to CFL's produce 112 lumens per watt compared to CFL's 50 to 70 lumens per watt. This is definitely the light bulb of the future but right at the moment an expensive choice. For a quick money-saving bulb go with the CFL for now.
  • Electric hot water heater- If you have an electric hot water heater, it could account for 30% of your electric cost. Don't panic there are ways of saving money here also. Spend money for a hot water heater blanket that will help insulate your tank; cost is only $10 - $25. Use cold water whenever possible, especially when washing clothes. Air dry your clothes when possible. Be more efficient when doing laundry and running your dishwasher, always run full loads. The weather in Des Moines is perfect for air drying laundry most of the year! Take advantage of the free sunshine.
  • Heating and cooling- Along with heating and cooling you must consider cooking if you have an electric range. These 3 alone make up for about 50% of you electric cost. But, there are ways to cut these also. First I would suggest installing a programmable thermostat available at you local home supply store. Price range for these is from $30 to $100 depending on how sophisticated you want it. What is nice about it, you will get that money back in savings the first year. By setting your thermostat program on a daily schedule you can save money on your electric use. Do what I do when cooking; I cook as much as I can on the charcoal grill, year-round even in cold weather thus saving more electricity. You can call a Des Moines electrician to help you with the wiring for the new thermostat.
  • Replace old appliances- A good cost cutting tip is to replace older appliances with new Energy Star rated ones. For example a refrigerator that used 10 to 12 amps back when now can be replaced with one using only 4 amps, which is a 33% savings over the older refrigerator. Always look for the Energy Star rating on the appliance.
  • A great way to save money while being comfortable- Installing ceiling fans not only do they save money but they circulate air making you feel more comfortable. Ceiling fans are affordable and use very little energy. Installing attic fans can also help save money during hot summer days by sucking out hot air out of your attic, making it easier on you air conditioning cost. To ensure the wiring is done properly, call a Des Moines electrician to install the fans.

Implementing not just one of these tips but several can save you hundreds of dollars each year. It is all about cutting your electrical usage. As you can see, there are easy ways to save money on electricity cost.

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