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Electric Space Heaters-How To Stay Warm And Safe

Depositphotos_4840768_XSElectric space heaters are gaining popularity this winter season for their safety features and because of the high costs of fuel. The best electric space heaters can provide a substantial savings while giving warmth to your home on those cold winter days. For providing comfortable warmth when and where you need it, these heaters can be a real energy-efficient option as they are 100% efficient.

Electric space heaters are ideal for use in heating rooms of approximately 200 square feet. Although they are not meant to be used on a permanent basis, with proper use they provide an excellent means of warmth and comfort. Keep in mind that most of the older heaters may not have the proper Electrical Safety features and may not be safe for your home.

Basically, there are three different types of portable space heaters - electric, gas and kerosene. With the high costs of gas and kerosene, electric heaters are your most economical option. More and more people are utilizing these for supplemental winter heat. Many of the newest and best electric space heaters are virtually always cool to the touch.

The most important aspect in using a space heater is safety. It has to be your top consideration. Here are some quick tips in what to look for and how to stay safe.

1. And heater should be properly marked with a safety tag or marking that is clearly visible. A UL sticker means a heater has met safety guidelines set by Underwriters Laboratories.

2. Never use an older space heater that may not meet current safety standards.

3. Always be sure you set any electric portable space heater on a firm, steady base.

4. Keep your heater at least three feet away from anything that could cause a fire.

5. Ceramic heat is your best energy efficient electric space heater in addition to maintaining a cool surface temperature.

6. Look for a space heater that will give you the safety of an automatic shut-off.

7. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety precautions.

You can also find more information on safety in the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Electric Space Heaters Fact Sheet. While we all want to stay warm during the cold days of winter, the most important key is to stay safe with electric space heaters.

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