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Lazer Home Services: Licensed Waukee Electrician and Plumber Serving Central Iowa

Waukee Electrician and PlumberLazer Home Services is the Waukee Electrician & Plumber you can rely on for top quality electrical services for your home! We offer everything from emergency electrical repairs to the installation of interior and landscape lighting.

Lazer Home Services is also a professional Waukee plumber. Our plumbing experts provide a wide range of residential plumbing services, including plumbing repairs, water heater installation, water treatment solutions such as water softeners, sump pumps, repairs for leaky pipes, and much more.

So if you need a reliable Electrician & Plumber you can count on us to take care of the electrical and plumbing needs of your home, remember to call the experts at Lazer Home Services today! We’re available 24/7 to answer your call!

Lazer Home Services: the Waukee Electrician for Electrical Inspections

Yes, as a Responsible Waukee Homeowner, Your House needs an Electrical Inspection

It’s understandable if you’re cocking your eyebrows right now, wondering “Electrical inspection? Why would I need one? My lights work just fine!”

Indeed, having the electrical system regularly inspected is one of those important maintenance procedures that most Waukee homeowners often overlook. At most, Waukee electrical inspections are only thought of when a fuse had already blown up or light switches and electrical outlets have already failed to function.

If you’re smart, though, you’ll invest in an electrical inspection from a professional and licensed Waukee electrician BEFORE problems arise in your home. And here’s why.

Why You Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection with a Professional Waukee Electrician

It is advised that homes in Waukee, IA go through a routine electrical inspection conducted by a certified Waukee electrician once a year, just to ensure that everything is operating smoothly and as it should. As a maintenance procedure, a visit by your Waukee electrician is one of those important preventative measures to address or correct problems in your electrical system before they go to the point of needing emergency electrical repairs and potentially expensive replacement procedures.

The Cost of Electrical Inspections in Waukee, IA

Think electrical inspections are costly? Well, believe it or not, you’ll actually save more money from preventing damage to your Waukee home’s electrical system though an inspection than calling in your Waukee electrician later for a repair job. Electrical repairs will undoubtedly cost more than a routine inspection. Imagine how much you could save if you could avoid replacing all the wirings and electrical components in your home (because you were able to protect them right away at the onset of mild damage) by checking on them regularly and addressing every minor problem as soon as it arises rather than waiting to need help from an emergency electrician!

Electrical Inspections are a Necessity When Buying a Home

Waukee electrical inspections are also an important requirement in checking that the property you are planning to purchase follows Waukee building codes. As you probably know, every state requires each property to be inspected for compliance to building codes, and violations of such are penalized. It would be wise on your part to have the property you’re planning to buy be inspected by a professional Waukee electrician first for such compliance before you purchase it.

Add to that the fact that knowing the condition of your potential buy will help you decide whether you’re getting the property at a reasonable price. Your electrical inspector could tell you the possible electrical problems that you would have to deal with in the future and hence help you negotiate the price.

Hiring the Right Waukee Electrician for the Job

So, how do you find a reliable Waukee electrician to do an inspection for you? Well, electrical contractors who provide home inspection services are pretty easy to find through the internet. It’s a good idea to check out their reviews, though, or get recommendations from friends and family members in order to find a reliable Waukee electrician, like Lazer Home Services. MAKE SURE that you would be dealing with certified electricians, with the proper training and knowledge to do the job. This is crucial. Otherwise you will just waste money on an improper inspection that tells you nothing of value.

At Lazer Home Services, we are certified electrical inspectors and licensed electricians serving the electrical service needs of homeowners throughout the Waukee area. You can trust us to get the job done correctly!

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"I thought that Matt was most professional, he went over a list of things that need brought up to date and explained each one of them in detail. He explained exactly how your company operated, which was great. We will be calling back soon to have some more work done."

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"Addressed my concerns with knowledge and courtesy. Thanks for squeezing me in quickly!"

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