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Lazer Home Services – Your Polk City Electrician and Plumber

Polk City Electrician and PlumberLazer Home Services is your Polk City Electrician & Plumber offering a full range of residential electrical work and plumbing services. Whether you need electrical repairs, ceiling fan installation, or are frustrated with the leaky faucet in your bathroom, you can rely on our Electrician & Plumber to take care of any electrical work or plumbing service needs you have.

At Lazer Home Services we are the Polk City electrician homeowners prefer because we offer not only a wide range of electrical services, but iron-clad guarantees and stellar customer service. You can always count on our Polk City electricians to show up on time, because if they don’t, it’s free for you! That’s right. If we don’t call in advance to reschedule or don’t arrive in the appropriate time window, Lazer Home Services will cover the travel charge. That’s up to a $69 value for you!

We also take pride in offering some of the best plumbing services in Polk City, IA. As a Polk City plumber, we work diligently to address your plumbing problems to the fullest. Our technicians are skilled and equipped with all the latest technology and tools to do just that, too. We also know plumbing problems, just like electrical troubles, can pop up at anytime. That’s why Lazer Home Services is available to respond to the plumbing and electrical repair needs of homeowners throughout Polk City every day, all day – 24/7. All you have to do is give us a call!

Why You Need a Polk City Electrician Like Lazer Home Services

Wondering why you need to hire a professionally licensed electrician to complete any Polk City Electrical Repairs or installations you need done in your home? Just consider all the injuries that take place each year because of electrical hazards. Improper wiring of electrical components can lead to serious injury during and even after the work is completed. Electrical hazards often lead to fires as well, meaning you could be risking not only your home, but your life.

DIY electrical work could also lead to expensive fines due to code violations. Any time a home is being purchased, remodeled or sold, it should go through a home inspection to ensure everything is built according to local, state and national building code regulations. If a violation is found, the homeowner can be fined, sometimes a rather substantial amount. Plus, the homeowner will have to pay to have the violation corrected. Isn’t it better to avoid this all together by hiring a professional Polk City electrician to do the work right the first time? You would think so, but still so many homeowners in Polk City think they can save themselves some money by doing the electrical work themselves.

If you need electrical work done in your home, whether it is a repair or an installation or an upgrade, call the professional Polk City electrician you can rely on to get the job done right, according to all electrical and building code standards for Polk City. At Lazer Home Services, we make sure the work is done correctly because we invest so much time into training our electricians. We go above and beyond that of most contractors around Polk City in order to make certain our customers get the best service from our company. We also care about your safety. Electrical safety is always a priority for our Polk City electricians.

Other Reasons to Hire Lazer Home Services for your Polk City Electrical Service Needs:

  • We are efficient
  • We are licensed
  • We offer fair, up-front pricing
  • We offer a 3 Year Warranty (so your investment is protected!)

Don’t take chances with your health or the structural integrity of your home. Contact the Polk City electricians at Lazer Home Services today to schedule service for electrical repairs or installations for your home.

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