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Your Reliable Electricians & Plumbers In Linden, IA

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When you choose an electrical contractor or plumber in Linden, there are a lot of things you expect. You expect honest, reasonably priced, quality service that you can trust.

This is how Lazer Home Services looks at things too. We want you to be completely at ease choosing our service so you call us again the next time.

This relationship of trust is not easy to build. We have been working at it for over a decade and a half now, and still working to improve.

There are various ways that we try to give customers the peace of mind they deserve.

  • Guaranteed On-Time Scheduling
  • Honest, Experienced Technicians
  • Great Written Warranties
  • Quality Products & Service
  • 6 Month No Interest, No Payments Financing

Our Electrical Repair Service Is Available 24/7

Did you get home from work only to find that the power to the kitchen went out? You never know when disaster will strike.

There's no cooking dinner tonight, perhaps both a blessing and a curse. Don't scramble around when all you have to do is call us. Our electricians are always ready to meet your emergency repair needs. Of course, our plumbers are too!

Do Your Home's Gas Lines Need Work?

If you answered no, are you sure? When's the last time you had them checked or replaced? Most homeowners don't realize that a gas fireplace, gas stove, gas furnace or gas water heater need more regular attention than electrical models.

Gas lines can leak without you knowing it, so regular inspections are important. By regular, we don't mean monthly or even yearly, although yearly is good if they are getting old.

You can always count on an honest answer from our plumbers about the condition of your gas lines or any other part of your home. We will never tell you that you need something you do not, that's just no way to build a business. Our team knows all about testing, repairing, and upgrading gas lines that lead to these appliances and are specially trained and certified to do the work.

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