You Can’t Beat Our Heating Services

We offer numerous heating services to keep your home comfortable. Being too cold in the winter is just as bad as being too hot in the summer, if not worse, but we won’t let either one happen to you in your home. Here are some of the heating services we’ve been providing for nearly 20 years:

Home Humidifiers

Increasing the level of humidity in your home comes with several health benefits. It can help with snoring (a habit that’s both annoying and unhealthy) and can also help colds go away faster, which is something everyone should want. Furthermore, more moisture makes your skin healthier by reducing dryness.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

One of the problems with a central heating is that it doesn’t usually heat the whole house evenly. Some rooms will always be colder than others. To even things out, you may want to invest in a mini-split heat system to provide more warmth to the under-heated areas of your home. In addition to mini-split heat pumps, we also service full-size heat pumps.

Thermostat Services

Your thermostat may not look very impressive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. It’s the headquarters from which you control the temperature of your whole house. We install programmable thermostats, which can be controlled not only in the moment, but also for the future based on your daily routine. For example, you can make your system turn off when you’re at work during the day and then kick on before you get back home so the temperature will be perfect when you walk through the door.

We also repair and install boilers, furnaces, and radiant in-floor heating. We apply the same standards to our heating as to all our other services: 100% customer satisfaction.

Financing Options

Part of our mission of 100% customer satisfaction is fair pricing, and we don’t let a limited budget get in the way of your comfort. To make payments even more manageable, we offer financing options provided by the GreenSky Loan Program. Be sure to ask about them when you hire us.

For all your home’s heating needs, as well as cooling, electrical, and plumbing, contact Lazer home services today!