Heat Pump Repair Services That Cover All the Bases

Lazer Home Services is proud to serve residential and light commercial customers throughout West Des Moines, the Des Moines metro area, and all the surrounding communities, with a full slate A plumber at work installation a circulation heat pump in Polk County, IAof HVAC services, including heat pump installation, repair, and replacement. No job is too big or too small, and we treat every customer and every project with the utmost care.

Our comprehensive services include:

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Heat Pump Installation

Are you using gas, oil, or electricity as a fuel source for your home heating system and want to heat your home more efficiently? Consider calling us to install a heat pump. 

A heat pump takes warm air from outside a building and circulates it throughout the interior space. Because it does not generate its own heat, it doesn’t require as much energy as a traditional heating system. 

Although it’s called a “heat” pump, it can also work in reverse and serve as an air conditioning system in warmer months, taking the uncomfortable warm air from inside the building back to the outdoors. This can be a great money-saving, convenient option for staying comfortable all year long. 

If you’re considering installing a heat pump, look no further than Lazer Home Services. We’ll consult with you about your specific heating and cooling needs and help you determine if this option is right for you. If so, we’ll perform a full installation, quickly and professionally, making sure you have a heat pump that will function properly and save you money for years to come. 

Heat Pump Replacement

Is your heat pump glitching? Is it making funny noises, cycling too often, failing to circulate warm air, or just not working at all? It might be time for a new heat pump. 

Call us at the first sign of trouble, and our team of experts can determine whether your heat pump needs repair or replacement. You can count on us to respect your schedule and your budget while paying close attention to detail as we restore your heat and take that worry off your plate! 

Mini-Split Heat Pump Services

Mini-split heating and cooling systems are perfect for smaller homes, homes without ductwork, or homes in which an individual room or two could use a little extra heat or air conditioning. 

The mini-split allows you to moderate the temperature in one particular room or a small area. It operates by way of an outdoor compressor or condenser and an indoor evaporator – thus the “split” in the name – and the two parts are connected by lines carrying electricity and refrigerant.  

The mini-split installation process is relatively simple, so call our team at Lazer Home Services today if you think this is the best heating and cooling option for you. We can also repair or replace your mini-split heat pump, if need be. 

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