Ground Gas Lines Services in Des Moines

Working with a gas line can be extremely dangerous, and making sure that your gas lines are properly installed and functioning well at all times is a major priority. The professional plumbers at Lazer Home Services can provide you with ground gas lines made of corrugated stainless steel (CSST) to safely provide natural gas to your Des Moines home.

CSST is a flexible stainless steel pipe that can supply natural gas to residential, commercial, or industrial properties. It is often coated with a yellow or a black exterior plastic coating, and it provides greater durability than more traditional lines. CSST is flexible, so it can be snaked around walls and through obstacles with fittings needed only at the ends of each run. Reducing the number of fitting helps decrease the number of joints that need to be checked for leaks.

Des Moines Ground Gas Lines have less joints, and therefore, less potential leaks. Our Des Moines Plumber will help you ensure that your ground gas lines are safe, leak-free, and totally efficient and functional.

Protecting Gas Piping

All metallic electric and mechanical systems, including gas piping systems, are susceptible to damage from lightning strike, or the energy or of a lightning strike nearby that can enter a building. “Pipe dope,” which is used in black iron pipe joints, can deteriorate over time and could leak after being exposed to a lightning strike, which can be very dangerous for your Des Moines home.

Metallic gas piping needs to be connected, or “bonded”, to and earth ground. One code from the NFPA states that “CSST gas piping systems shall be bonded to the electrical service grounding electrode system at the point where the gas service enters the building. The bonding jumper shall not be smaller than 6 AWG copper wire or equivalent.”

When a CSST system is properly bonded to the electrical service, the difference in the electrical potential of two different circuits is reduced, which means there is a lower risk of arcing. Our professionals can work with you to ensure that your Des Moines home’s ground gas lines are 100% protected and safe.

Building Codes

U.S. building codes currently require direct bonding of CSST ground gas lines. Prior to 2009, this was not a requirement in the codes, so many homes in Des Moines do not have their CSST lines installed in compliance with current building codes. Out professional plumbers can help you determine if that’s the case on your property, and we can help make your home safer with a bonding and grounding upgrade.

Our professionals can work with you to make sure that every part of your property and your ground gas lines are totally safe and functional, and we guarantee your satisfaction with all of the work that we provide.

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