Keep Running Out of Hot Water? We Do Hot Water Heater Replacement & Installation!

At Lazer Home Services, we offer a wide selection of top-rated, energy efficient hot water heaters for residential use. Whether you’re looking for a new electrical water heater for your home that utilizes the traditional storage tank method for producing hot water, or would like to learn more about tankless water heaters (often called “on-demand” hot water heaters in Central Iowa), Lazer Home Services’s experienced team of Polk County, IA hot water heater replacement & installation experts are happy to assist you.

Our professional plumbers can help you with a variety of issues and service requests you may have regarding your water heating system. For example, if you are experiencing any of the following, our experts have the solutions:

  • Smelly hot water
  • Water heater doesn’t produce hot water
  • Water heater is making weird noises
  • Water heater is costing too much

Further, our knowledgeable and seasoned plumbers also provide services such as:

Read on to learn more about what our hot water heater replacement & installation experts can do for you!

Tankless Water Heaters

Are you thinking it’s about time for a new hot water heater, or are you purchasing a new home in Polk County and need a water heating system installed? Whatever the case may be, whether you are remodeling, upgrading, our buying a new home, consider investing in a tankless or instant water heater.

There are many good reasons to consider purchasing either a whole-house tankless water heating system or several strategically placed “booster” tankless hot water heating units throughout your house. At Lazer Home Services, our hot water heater replacement & installation technicians are here to help you install and maintain a tankless water heater system to keep your home as efficient as possible at all times.

Traditional Water Heaters

The most common water heaters found in the Polk County, IA area are traditional gas or electrical water heaters. Unlike tankless water heaters, they’ll keep a tank filled with water and use electricity or gas to keep that water heated at all times. When the hot water in the tank is emptied, there will be a waiting period before hot water is available again.

These water heaters have evolved over the years to be more efficient and reliable, so if you have an older traditional water heater in need of in-depth repairs, it may benefit you to have the unit replaced.

Our seasoned plumbers can help you determine the best course of action for your traditional water heater, as well as the root of any problems you’re experiencing with it, and we can make sure your water heater is in the best condition possible.

Water Heater Replacement

Most water heaters last for about 10 to 15 years, but they could last for a much shorter span of time without proper care. Some of the signs you should look out for to know when your water heater needs to be replaced include:

  • Your water heater’s age
  • Any clicking, buzzing, or sporadic loud noises
  • Leaks or rust around your water heater

These won’t necessarily mean that you need a replacement, but they should be taken care of as soon as possible. Our hot water heater replacement & installation experts can help you determine whether a replacement is necessary, and we can handle the job from start to finish.

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