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3 Tips for Pet-Proofing your Home’s HVAC System

Do you love your pets more than you hate HVAC maintenance? If you answered “Yes” to that question, you are in luck! Lazer Home Services’ team of heating and cooling experts put together this brief list of vital HVAC maintenance tips for people just like you. Keep reading to

Save Money On Energy Costs This Spring By Following These Simple Tips

Even as you continue to weather the snow and cold of a Midwestern winter, it’s important to start thinking warm thoughts. Don’t wait for the intense summer heat and humidity to invade the area before getting your home’s air conditioning system checked by Lazer Home Services. Lazer Home Services is ready

How to Help Prevent Burst Pipes in the Winter

If you’re reading this you might be wondering, why do pipes freeze and why is it dangerous? Simply put, water has a unique property that makes it expand as it freezes. This expansion property puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it, like plastic or metal pipes. No matter

R-22 Refrigerant Phased-Out in the Fight Against Climate Change

R-22, or Freon as it is more commonly known, is a common refrigerant and propellant which absorbs heat and transfers it outside of the home or refrigeration unit. Freon was originally utilized by DuPont scientists in 1928 as one of the first refrigerants, along with HCFC, to be non-combustible

Common AC Issues And How to Remedy Them

Spring weather in the Midwest can be, in a word, crazy. One minute, snow is in the forecast, and the next, it feels like it’s time to retrieve your summer clothes from storage, break out the backyard barbecue, and crank up the air conditioning. If, on those warmer days,